University statement on Faculty Senate resolution regarding UB’s response to May 1 on-campus protests

Published May 15, 2024

As President Satish K. Tripathi indicated in his letter to the Faculty Senate Executive Committee, which he read to the Faculty Senate on May 14, the university is committed to responding to the concerns of the university community regarding university policies for ensuring that UB remains safe and secure during protests. 

As the president indicated, the university will work with faculty leadership to clarify university protocol and policies for calling in outside law enforcement and for picketing and assembly.

The president’s letter, which explains UB’s decision-making in response to the actions of the protesters, is publicly posted on the president’s website and was shared with the UB community in the May 8 issue of UBNow.

On May 9, UB’s Student Conduct Office informed seven students who received conduct referrals on May 1 for failing to disperse after the attempted encampment and protest that they will not be charged with a violation of the Student Code of Conduct.