UB Teach Anywhere website helps in course delivery

Published August 5, 2020

Faculty members planning their courses for the upcoming semester can find valuable resources for designing and delivering courses in any format at the UB Teach Anywhere website.

The site curates the best resources from UB educational design and academic support experts, as well as some entirely new resources — all designed with flexible teaching in mind.

The resources help faculty teach wherever and however they need to, including:

  • Choosing the right delivery method (remote, hybrid etc.) for courses and activities.
  • Technology recommendations.
  • Quick tips for remote teaching.
  • Accessing academic resources from UB Libraries remotely.
  • Accessibility and inclusivity.
  • Test monitoring and academic integrity.

The site also features a faculty “Guide Me” tool, where instructors select the tasks they want to use to engage their students, then get tips for succeeding using UB-provided tools and technology.

UB Teach Anywhere also has a help section to provide support for faculty, no matter what stage of planning the course is in.