UUP members can help sick colleagues

Published November 25, 2019

Members of United University Professions who have accrued more than the maximum-allowed 40 vacation days may donate them to a UUP colleague who is seriously ill or injured and has run out of sick-leave accruals.

Without donated days, some UUP members could fall off the payroll and lose their health insurance coverage — a situation that can be catastrophic to the employee and his or her family, according to UUP Buffalo Center President Ezra Zubrow.

The UUP contract allows members to accrue a maximum of 40 vacation days; excess days that are not used by Dec. 31 are forfeited. Members may donate those extra days to colleagues for use as sick days.

Those interested may donate their days via an online request form.

For more information, contact Amy Myszka in Human Resources at 645-5357 or amyszka@buffalo.edu, or the UUP Buffalo Center Chapter office at 276-3377 or buffalocenter@uupmail.org.