Library and Information Studies to change its name to Information Science

Published January 3, 2019

President Satish K. Tripathi has approved and promulgated a resolution from the Faculty Senate to change the name of the Department of Library and Information Studies to the Department of Information Science.

The change, supported by the faculty in Library and Information Studies and the Graduate School of Education, the school in which the department resides, reflects changes in the field of library and information science over the past 20 years, the resolution states.

“The focus on ‘libraries’ as a physical setting or entity has been replaced by a focus on ‘information’ as a phenomena, which is relevant to libraries, but more importantly is explored in a range of organizational contexts, workplace contexts and individuals’ daily life contexts,” the resolution states.

“‘Information science’ is the contemporary and correct term used for the field, as it reflects our scientific, systematic approach to research problems.”