Internal communication survey launches Feb. 5

Published February 5, 2018

University Communications, in partnership with the Department of Communication in the College of Arts and Sciences and the Center for Leadership and Organizational Effectiveness in the School of Management, will launch a survey designed to gain a deeper understanding of internal communication at UB.

The survey launches today and ask faculty and staff for their views on current university communication. The results of this survey will help shape the future of internal communication within the university.

“Over the past several years we have been making strides toward building a stronger communication approach at UB,” says Nancy Paton, vice president for university communications. “We have taken positive steps to meet the evolving needs of faculty and staff, such as increasing the frequency of UBNow, the university’s internal online news source, to daily publication with thrice-weekly email updates, as well as partnering with academic and administrative units to help enhance their communication on key initiatives and programs.”

To continue strengthening communication at UB, she adds, the university is asking faculty and staff for their insights about where and how they prefer to receive communications — the information they value, and how we can better engage faculty and staff.

“These valuable points of view will have an immediate impact on how we exchange information,” she says.

For this initiative, University Communications is partnering with the Department of Communication and the Center for Leadership and Organizational Effectiveness.

Paul Tesluk, professor and dean of the School of Management, says creating an effective — and doable — employee communication strategy is essential in building trust and fostering relationships.

“The way in which we communicate across the university is a key to having faculty and staff that are engaged and well-informed about UB’s strategic direction, priorities and how each of us contributes to our culture and success,” Tesluk says.

The survey results will enable the university to better understand communication preferences — what types of communication are important to faculty and staff, how they prefer to receive important information and how internal communication can be improved. 

“Clear, straightforward communication leads to better colleague relationships and deeper understanding of strategic goals and how to achieve them,” says Mark Frank, professor and chair of the Department of Communication.

“Improving internal communication in an organization as large and complex as UB is essential for faculty and staff to build a strong connection to the university, understand how major decisions are made and how they connect to UB’s strategic direction,” Frank says.

The survey will run through Feb. 12 and should take about 20 minutes to complete. All responses to the survey are completely confidential and no personally identifying information will be shared with anyone at UB.