Tips for winter parking, travel at UB

Published November 10, 2017

With winter looming, Parking and Transportation Services offers some tips to help your travel to and around campus.


  • Sign up for text messages regarding weather-related emergencies or closings.
  • Call 716-645-NEWS (6397), UB’s information line, to learn about weather notifications and closings.
  • Follow Parking and Transportation Services on Twitter for lot and campus travel updates.
  • Plan accordingly. Keep a kit of emergency supplies in your car and office. Suggested supplies include water and food, vital medicines, a blanket and warm clothes.


  • When parking, try to pick a familiar landmark, such as a sign, light pole or tree to gauge where a parking space is located when the parking lot is snow-covered.
  • In most lots, you will notice orange delineators at the end of the rows to help guide you to parking in an orderly manner.
  • Be careful not to triple park. Triple parking — making three rows out of two — inconveniences others and may lead to the ticketing and/or towing of your vehicle.
  • To find a parking space immediately, make a park and ride lot, serviced by our campus shuttles, your first destination.
  • Overnight parking is allowed only in designated lots or portions thereof. Check out the complete list.
  • To maintain emergency-vehicle access, please make sure there is room for a double travel lane from your vehicle when it is parked at the end of a row. This will also aid in plowing during the day.
  • In cold temperatures, assume wet, dark areas on pavement are slippery and approach with caution.
  • When exiting or entering your vehicle, use the vehicle for support. Walk in designated walkways. Keep your hands out of your pockets for better balance. Take short steps or shuffle for stability.

Snow removal

  • Check out UB’s snow removal policy.
  • If you notice a walkway or building access with excessive snow cover, call Customer Service at 716-645-2028.

Questions? Contact Parking and Transportation Services at or 645-3943.