Physics students introduce kids to magic of science

Published April 4, 2013

Children between 8 and 12 years old learned about levitating magnets, floating superconductors and cool (no pun intended) things you can do with liquid nitrogen during demonstrations done by UB Honors College students earlier this week as part of the Buffalo Museum of Science’s “Fantastic Physics” spring break science camp.

The theme of the students’ presentation was “Exotic Materials.”

The purpose of the presentations was to “educate the children and get them interested in the way the world around them works,” says Nigel Michki, a UB student and UB Presidential Scholar.

Michki and fellow students Luke Bodmer and Dante Iozzo organized the demonstrations; they got the idea from a UB Honors College program called Spark that encourages students to use their passions to create positive change in the community, according to Elizabeth Colucci, senior assistant director of the Honors College.

The students developed the lesson plans on their own and contacted the Buffalo Museum of Science.