UB proposes hike in Comprehensive Fee

Published February 21, 2013

UB has proposed a general 2.6 percent increase in the Comprehensive Fee each year for 2013-14 through 2017-18 in order to “continue to offer programs and services that our UB students need and expect in the current state, SUNY and UB budget climate.”

Under the five-year plan, which is being proposed to assist students in planning for the next few years, the Comprehensive Fee would rise from the current $2,079.50 for undergraduates and $1,583.50 for graduate students for 2012-13 to $2,393 for undergrads and $1,828.50 for grad students for 2017-18.

The increases, according to a letter to students from Charles F. Zukoski, provost and executive vice president for academic affairs, and Dennis Black, vice president for university life and services, “would support state-mandated increases in salaries and fringe benefits for employees, increased support for student health and wellness services, increased technology and library costs and services, last year’s negotiated bus contract and central academic investments. These plans include proposals to upgrade classroom technology, electronic library resources and campus transportation.”

“UB desires to remain as one of the nation’s best buys in higher education, and will continue to be a major public university and the premier public institution in the Northeast with continued student support,” the letter states.

Components of the Comprehensive Fee support intercollegiate athletics and intramural services (undergraduates only), campus life, college fee (set by SUNY), student health, technology, transportation and transcripts.

More details, including information on the specific components of the Comprehensive Fee, are available on the Comprehensive Fee website.

 Students may comment on the proposed fee increase via email to src@buffalo.edu through March 1. Additional feedback may be provided to the representatives from the areas supported by student fees and by Facebook through March 1. An assessment of student interests and concerns also is being conducted via the My Opinion survey that can be accessed through MyUB. Results will be shared via the Comprehensive Fee website.