ULS recognizes longtime employees

Published November 29, 2012

Forty-four members of University Life and Services recently were recognized for longtime service to UB at a luncheon held in the Center for Tomorrow.

Honored for 10 years’ service were Susan Bagdasarian, Employee Assistance Program; Blaine W. Boeckel, Campus Dining & Shops; John J. Brady, Campus Dining & Shops; Joseph I. Brown, Campus Dining & Shops; Alka Chatrath, Student Health Services; Scott G. Cleveland, Campus Living; Mary E. Gallivan, Campus Living; Diane Gangloff, Campus Dining & Shops; Elizabeth Glose, Campus Dining & Shops; Carol Herberger, Campus Living; Maryann Hosking, Campus Dining & Shops; Amy A. Huddleston, Campus Dining & Shops; Lauren Johnson, Career Services; Michael J. Koziej, Campus Living; Christina L. Krywalski, Campus Dining & Shops; Stephen J. Macek, Campus Living; Joyce M. Mann, Campus Living; Sharon Nolan-Weiss, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion; Charles E. Orcutt, Campus Dining & Shops; Eugene Sanders, Campus Dining & Shops; Susan N. Steck, Organizational Development & Training; Joshua B. Sticht, University Police; Mary Stock, Student Health Services; Shannon Stork-Patterson, Campus Living; Cynthia L. Theurer, Campus Living; Judith L. Walgate, Campus Living; Kevin A. Will, University Police; Lorrie A. Wood, Campus Dining & Shops; Daniel Zilbauer Jr., Campus Dining & Shops; and Brendon J. Zubek, University Police.

Recognized for 20 years’ service were Lori A. Chiarelli, Resource & Support Services; Wayne J. Colton, University Police; Lois Cultrara, Campus Dining & Shops; Glenn E. Prenatt, Campus Living; Toby R. Shapiro, New Student Programs; Dexter K. Shongo, Campus Living; Marian E. Tetreault, Campus Living; Maria Wallace, Parking & Transportation Services; and Sara L. Wishman, University Police.

Honored for 30 years’ service were David P. Ballard, Student Life; Rebecca A. Bernstein, University Communications; Steven J. Cleary, Campus Dining & Shops; Thomas E. Heberling, Campus Living; and Michael L. Mislin, Campus Living.