Physicist wins Serbian award

Published September 20, 2012

Dejan Stojkovic, associate professor of physics, has received the Marko Jaric Award, recognized as one of the most prestigious scientific prizes granted to researchers of Serbian origin.

The award is presented annually in memory of Marko Jaric, a renowned Serbian physicist who worked and lived in the United States. Following his death in 1997, his family and institutions—including the University of Belgrade, Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts and Serbian Unity Congress—helped establish the prize.

Stojkovic, a theoretical physicist, received the award earlier this year from the Serbian minister of science at a ceremony at the Rectorat of the University of Belgrade.

As part of the event, Stojkovic explained his research to an audience that included renowned scientists, educators, politicians and journalists. He also delivered several scientific and popular talks at major universities in the region during his visit to Serbia.

Stojkovic joined UB in 2007 after serving as a visiting faculty member at Case Western Reserve University. He earned his PhD there in 2001 and also holds an MS and BS in physics from the University of Belgrade.

His research interests include cosmology, general relativity, particle physics, field theory, extra dimensions, brane-world models and phenomenology beyond the Standard Model. In selecting him to receive the Marko Jaric Award, the committee cited Stojkovic’s work on higher dimensional black holes.