David Hill talks to Nicholas Rajkovich about climate resiliency

Nicholas Rajkovich pictured outdoors.

Episode 3 - Climate Resiliency with Nicholas Rajkovich

14:47 Run Time | March 28, 2023

Nicholas Rajkovich, associate professor of architecture and director of the Resilient Buildings Lab at UB, studies how we can adapt our built environment to withstand extreme weather and other impacts of a changing climate. In this episode, Rajkovich tells host David Hill about his early passion for building (resulting, among other things, in the construction of a wastewater plant in his parents’ basement); how people can make their cities more resilient in an increasingly hostile climate; what’s in store for Western New York specifically, and whether we're ready for it  (the Christmas blizzard provides a clue); and how Rajkovich and his students are working with the community to better prepare us for such events in the future.