Published April 7, 2021

The following UB employees retired from the university from January 2021 through March 2021:

Curtis M. Bentley, trades generalist, Campus Living.

Mary A. Bisson, professor, Department of Biological Sciences.

Chang Wen Chen, professor, Department of Computer Science and Engineering.

Ann Burstein Cohen, clinical associate professor, Department of Accounting and Law.

Sharon L. Dziejman, administrative assistant 1, Campus Living.

Richard C. Gaudy, trades specialist (electrician), University Facilities Campus Operations.

James B. Gordon, lead programmer/analyst, University Libraries.

Luc E. Gosselin, associate professor, Department of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences.

Philip Halpern, professor, School of Law.

David H. Heim, trades specialist (carpenter), Campus Living.

Margie P. Hewlett, senior staff assistant, Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering.

James A. Hoddick, clinical assistant professor, Department of Restorative Dentistry.

Kenneth E. Leonard, director, Clinical and Research Institute on Addictions.

Arabella Lyon, professor, Department of Global Gender and Sexuality Studies.

Cyrus K. Madnia, professor, Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering.

Maureen L. Matesic, trades specialist (upholstery), Campus Living.

Lawrence T. McMahon, senior programmer/analyst, Enterprise Infrastructure Services.

Thomas H. Nochajski, research professor, School of Social Work.

Lynn Anne Phalen, office assistant 3, Human Resources.

Joy L. Piper, instructional support associate, University Libraries.

William T. Revelas, instructional support associate, Environment, Health and Safety.

James P. Riley, university police officer 1, University Police.

Lisa M. Sandquist, senior academic advisor, Student Success and Academic Support.

Barbara Staebell, senior staff assistant, Administrative Operations, CIO.

Dorothy Taylor, associate professor, Educational Opportunity Center.

Helen C. Usinski, office assistant 2, University Facilities Finance.

Patricia L. Warrington, staff assistant, School of Law.

Angela F. Winn, paralegal, Central University Retire Entities and Accounts.

Paul Zarembka, professor, Department of Economics.