Program Hours

As a part of our program, students will work with one program instructor and two teaching assistants for six hours a day — 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. — for five days.


Sign your child in at the sign-in desk each morning when you bring them to camp. The Summer Math Program does not and will not assume responsibility for children that arrive before the start time.

Early Pick-up

If your child will be leaving early, please notify your child’s teacher, in writing, on the morning of the designated day. The staff will have your child prepared to depart at your requested time. Remember that you will still need to sign your child out.


Sign your child out when you pick them up from the Summer Math Program. Please bring a photo ID with you every day. If someone other than yourself or the persons authorized on the registration form will be picking up your child, a written note must be submitted to your child’s teacher ahead of them. This person must also bring a photo ID with them when they pick up your child.