Areas of Study

Students will engage in unique activities each day. The summer math program will reinforce basic math skills and improve critical thinking and reasoning skills, specifically related to fraction operations.

Day 1

  • Introduction of project
  • Understanding the origin and meaning of fractions through history of mathematics
  • Representing fractions using three different models (e.g., set model, measurement model, and area model)

Day 2

  • Exploring four different ways of comparing and ordering fractions using landmark numbers (e.g., 0, ½, 1)
  • Introduction of the fraction software CandyFactory
  • Adding and subtracting fractions with models

Day 3

  • Understanding fraction multiplication
  • Representing fraction multiplication with diagrams
  • Introduction of virtual manipulatives for fraction multiplication through the National Library of Virtual Manipulatives (NLVM)

Day 4

  • Exploring the meaning of dividing fractions through the history of mathematics
  • Exploring science using fractions offered by a women scientist
  • Project write-ups Part 1

Day 5

  • Project write-ups Part 2
  • Group presentations to parents, AAUW, and the community
  • Collection of post-implementation data (e.g., post-test, and post group interview)