For Parents

We are so excited about this opportunity to work with your child this summer. Your child will be actively involved with their peers while engaging in learning opportunities of mathematics, specifically fractions and fraction operations. The specific method that the Summer Math Program will employ is called Project-Based Learning (PBL).

More About PBL Method

PBL is a classroom strategy that organizes mathematics instruction around problem solving activities and affords students more opportunities to think critically, present their own creative ideas, and communicate with peers mathematically.  

When children learn problem-solving skills and are able to critically think through a problem to form a conclusion they gain confidence in their ability to make good decisions for themselves. Learning mathematics using PBL will offer your child a learning environment that will have them coming home every day excited about math.

What the Program Covers

Our program will cover essential concepts, history, meaning, representation, functions and practical applications relating to fractions and fraction operations. Participants will learn about fraction software (CandyFactory and the National Library of Virtual Manipulatives), and will hear a presentation from a female scientist from the Buffalo Museum of Science.

At the conclusion of each five-day session, students will make group presentations to parents, AAUW and the community.