Wind Tunnel

The multi-fan wind tunnel is controlled by a 64 inertia array (8x8) of small axial fans. These fans can be controlled individually or in groups using the the supplied software. Each individual fan can reach a maximum of 5,500rpm (rotations per minute). With the damping section installed, wind speeds can reach up to 40mph (~50mph without the damping section). Fully assembled, the tunnel has a length of 10 meters.


The wind tunnel is compromised of multiple segments. These segments can be picked up and re-arranged. Each segment has a width of 1 meter and height of 1.2 meter. The length of each segment varies based on it's purpose. On two of the segments are doors that can be opened up to allow access to the wind tunnel. One of these segments has two doors whereas the other segment only has one available. On the segment with two doors are small circular openings to allow test specimens to attach to external fixtures. Additionally, on the segment with one door is a turn table with a diameter of 0.7 meters.

Located right after the multi-fan cone is a honeycomb output with a vibration isolation section. Directly following the vibration isolation is a damping section for flow field quality. This section can be removed.

For drawings of the segments and other components of the tunnel, please refer to the gallery at the bottom of this page.


For data acquisition there are 15 low-range differential pressure transducers. They are from Alpha Instruments, model 161. Below are the technical specifications as well as a PDF version with further information. Data acquisition can be performed by systems provided by SEESL.

Performance Data
Standard Optional Optional
Accuracy* (at room temp)
±0.60%FS ±0.40%FS ±0.25%FS
Non-Linearity (BFSL)
±0.55%FS ±0.37%FS ±0.24%FS
Hysteresis ±0.20%FS 0.10%FS ±0.05%FS
Non-Repeatability ±0.10%FS ±0.10%FS ±0.05%FS
Thermal Effects: Zero?Span Shift (/°F)
±0.03%FS ±0.02%FS ±0.015%FS
Compensated Range
40 to 170°F
(4 to 77°C
Maximum Line Pressure
Overpressure 15PSI(100kPa)    
Stability ±0.5% FS/YR
Warm-up Time 5 seconds    
Position Effect

Calibrated in the

vertical position.



University at Buffalo faculty and staff who are interested in use of the wind tunnel, please fill out and submit the following form. For those outside the university, please contact us. Upon submission, we will review the request and get back to you with further information and pricing.


If this work is in the preparation stage, please provide us with a PDF of the project. This would include items such as sketches or drawings of the project, anticipated test plan, amount of time required for the project (from the start to the end), faculty/students involved, and other relevant information.