Published August 5, 2022

The following UB employees retired from the university from October through December 2021:

Donald E. Antonson, professor, Department of Restorative Dentistry.

Rubik Asatryan, research instructor, Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering.

Wendy A. Balduf, office assistant 2, Campus Living Human Resources.

Kathryn Dirkes Bass, clinical professor, Department of Surgery.

Michael J. Brandt, senior staff assistant, Health Sciences Information Technology.

Renee A. Braun, staff assistant, Financial Management.

Charles V. Bunch, cleaner, Campus Operations.

Stephen G. Comings, supervising programmer analyst, Enterprise Infrastructure Services.

Cynthia D. Cornelius, senior programmer/analyst, Center for Computational Research.

Mary Ellen Donathen, senior staff assistant, Digital Strategies.

Rhonda S. Dudkowski, office assistant 1, Campus Operations.

Lori Lynn Duvall-Jackson, administrative assistant 1, Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering.

Elizabeth R. Harding, senior staff assistant, Department of Medicine.

Elizabeth T. Lesny, administrative assistant 1, Department of Philosophy.

Pao Lo Liu, professor, Department of Electrical Engineering.

Donna M. Massimo, instructional support technician, Department of Theatre and Dance.

Kenneth J. Mazierski, assistant electrician, Campus Operations.

Michael N. Merkling, maintenance assistant, Campus Operations.

Anthony T. Miller, admissions adviser, Educational Opportunity Center.

Francis A. Munzel, cleaner, Campus Operations.

Patricia D. O’Farrell, office assistant 2, Financial Management.

Ronald L. Overton, facilities program coordinator, Design & Construction.

Mark C. Pitman, instructional support specialist, Department of Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering.

Barbara A. Putzig, administrative assistant 1, School of Public Health and Health Professions.

Nora Lee Renda, instructional support associate, Digital Strategies.

Robert E. Ruggeri, associate counsel, Central University Retired Entities and Accounts.

David J. Sepulveda, instructional support specialist, IT Customer Service.

Michael W. Sheehan, maintenance assistant, Campus Operations.

Renee S. Slepian, senior staff assistant, Department of Economics.

Gerald Sufrin, professor, Department of Urology.

Kenneth L. Switzer, motor vehicle operator, Campus Operations.

Kenneth R. Tarbox, associate facilities program coordinator, Design & Construction.

Maria L. Testa, research scientist, Department of Psychology.

David M. Thomas, clinical assistant professor, Department of Family Medicine.

Carlos P. Vaca, trades specialist, Campus Operations.

Vivian M. Williams, senior staff assistant, Department of Communication.

Jomarie K. Woltz, administrative assistant 1, Office of Sustainability.

Marcia L. Zubrow, associate librarian, Charles B. Sears Law Library.