UB Campus Governance Leaders

The UB Campus Governance Leaders group (CGL) serves as a linkage between the shared governance bodies on campus including but not limited to: the Faculty Senate, the Professional Staff Senate, the Student Assembly, UUP (Buffalo Center and Health Sciences Chapters), CSEA, PEF, GSEU and UB Police PBA.


To disseminate information among the existing governance groups to improve communication, collaboration, and completion of shared goals.

Among our shared interests:

  • support of the academic mission of the university
  • support of the professional development of all employees of UB
  • maintaining a safe environment for working and learning at UB

Drafted 06-25-2015, Adopted July 30, 2015.



  • Chair of the Professional Staff Senate
  • Chair of the Faculty Senate

Current Members

Mermbers are invited to participate by seated members of the group, which includes leadership from:

  • UUP Buffalo Center Chapter
  • UUP Health Sciences Chapter
  • CSEA
  • Research Foundation
  • Student Assembly
  • GSEU
  • UB Police PBA

At large member: President of UB