SUNY University Faculty Senate

The University Faculty Senate serves as a resource on governance for the University. It serves as a deliberative body on educational policies for the SUNY System. In this capacity it issues publications such as handbooks, directories and reports on matters such as budget, program revision and presidential searches.

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UB Senators on the SUNY University Faculty Senate

  • Heather Montague (2017) 
  • Phil Glick (2018)
  • Ezra Zubrow (2018)
  • Cemal Basaran (2019)

UB Members of SUNY Faculty Senate Committees


  • Timothy Chevral
  • Sherri Darrow


  • Cemal Basaran
  • Martha McCloskey
  • James Milles


  • Philip Glick
  • Domenic Licata


  • Ira Blader
  • Melinda Saran
  • Changxu Wu
  • Sara Zhang


  • Naciah Bell
  • Deborah Chung

Prog & Awds

  • Steven Fliesler
  • Ophelia Morey

Student Life

  • Dan Ryan


  • Tim Nguyen
  • Cynthia Tysick