Getting Involved

There are several ways of getting involved that can enhance your law school application and enrich your learning experience. 

The ABA Pre-Law webpage has a section entitled “The Values of Serving Others and Promoting Justice” that reads, “If you are thinking of entering the legal profession, you should seek some significant experience, before coming to law school, in which you may devote substantial effort toward assisting others.” The section continues by mentioning public and community service efforts as particularly beneficial.

Law school admissions officers stress that involvement is important, but that it doesn’t have to be law-related. Also, your extracurricular activities should not get in the way of doing well academically and preparing for the LSAT, the two primary factors in the admissions process. Instead, the main points are demonstrating a desire for community outreach and possessing leadership qualities.

Student Organizations

  • The Pre-Law Student Association is a pre-law club that hosts a variety of informational meetings throughout the academic year.
  • Phi Alpha Delta Law Fraternity, Inc. is also a pre-law organization highly beneficial to interested students. Check out their website to found out more.
  • The Undergraduate Student Association (SA) sponsors various academic clubs and social events. You can find hundreds of different social and academic clubs here that might be of interest to you.

Internship Opportunities

Your academic department may have relevant internships, directed studies, research opportunities, and practica available. This is a good first place to start. Contact Wayne Porterfield, career coach, within the Career Design Center to be given a tour of the process.

Legal Research Experience

Group Legal Services is a student run service that works to provide UB students with access to free legal advice. GLS seeks volunteer student researchers who are interested in legal topics related to the university community.

Leadership Training

The Office of Student Engagement has a variety of resources to help students develop and enhance their leadership skills. Topics include communication skills, conflict management and public speaking.