Financial Aid

Attending law school can be very expensive. Applying for financial aid is an integral step in your law school application process. 

Financial aid is available in a variety of different forms, including scholarships, grants, federal and private loans, work study programs, tuition assistance aid, and fee waivers for those economically disadvantaged. The law schools that you apply to determine the amount and type of financial aid you will receive from them. Therefore, the law school is your primary source of information for financial aid!

The Law School Admission Council also has an excellent resource guide to provide you with relevant information.

Some general first steps (a more detailed version can be found at LSAC’s Financial Aid Step by Step guide.

  1. Apply for federal aid and fill-out the free FAFSA application. Prepare your tax returns as early as you can after the beginning of the new year.
  2. Learn about the financial aid process at each law school you are applying to. They may have institutional aid forms or deadlines as well. You may have additional forms to complete, such as the CSS file or Need Access form. Many schools have early deadlines so please visit their websites or contact their financial aid office for information!