Helping to prepare you for the competitive law school application process.

Three rows of students participating in a law class at the University at Buffalo.

Interested in pursuing a pre-law career path?

Welcome to the pre-law website at the University at Buffalo. UB’s academic strengths and diversity of majors provide a strong foundation for undergraduates preparing for the competitive law school application process.

Please also visit the American Bar Association’s webpage devoted to pre-law students preparing for law school. You will find that a student may enter the legal profession with any undergraduate degree background. You will also learn about the skills, abilities and mindsets necessary to be successful in law school.

Students are also encouraged to visit the Law School Admission Council website to learn more about the LSAT, a timeline, and further information regarding the application process.  

Schedule a Pre-law Appointment

To schedule a pre-law appointment, please call the Exploratory and Preprofessional Advising Center at 716-645-6013.

Learn about the LSAT

We encourage you to watch this video to learn more about the law school application process.