Fitbit’s new smartwatch wants to keep tabs on your stress all day long

Published August 25, 2022


The Washington Post spoke to Mark Seery about Fitbit’s new Sense 2 smartwatches that will pick up on the watch wearer’s stress – as well as check up on the person after the stressful moment has passed. While certain people may benefit from a wearable that suggests ways to deal with difficult moments, Seery said those who feel routinely beset by stress should look beyond gadgets. “It’s not equally accessible to everybody, but seeing a qualified therapist can, I think, do a better job of helping people design an individualized way to approach what they feel isn’t an optimal moment in their lives,” said Seery. “Relying on a Fitbit to sort of be a proxy for something like that — I wouldn’t be super-excited to recommend that.”

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