A new study on Buffalo's old racial disparities gives community ideas to build on

Published November 17, 2021


The Buffalo News reports on a new study led by Henry Louis Taylor, Jr. titled, “The Harder We Run: The State of Black Buffalo in 1990 and The Present." The story includes commentary from Taylor, his colleague in the School of Architecture and Planning, Robert Silverman; School of Law faculty member Athena Mutua; and Ron Stewart, chair of SUNY Buffalo State’s sociology department. Each professor discussed the report last month in a public forum. Despite the socioeconomic challenges the Black community faces, Taylor sees hope with emerging progressive politics in Buffalo. “This is not depressing at all. What would be depressing is if, for 31 years, we had been working on the problem and hadn’t been able to solve it. Now that would be depressing,” he said. “It’s complex and it’s difficult,” he acknowledged. “But you cannot solve a problem that you will not work on.”






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