Colleges and universities must reimagine their approach to diversity work, expert says

Published October 21, 2020


Inside Higher Ed quotes Raechele Pope, associate dean for faculty and student affairs and chief diversity officer at the Graduate School of Education, in a story on what it’s like to be a Black professor in 2020. 

Pope, who helped organize the school’s recent teach-in for racial justice, said every campus “needs to re-examine and reimagine their approach to diversity work,” and that until they do, “the burden will always fall on the shoulders of Black faculty and other faculty of color.”

Campuses need to “examine and understand the ways in which white supremacy culture is baked into the structures and practices of the campus,” Pope said. “Campuses need to prioritize the education of white faculty, administrators and staff and set aside money to bring in consultants in an ongoing way rather than relying on their own staff and faculty to do the training.” If Black professors do want to engage in this work, “then they should be fairly and financially compensated” and given reduced teaching loads to make time for it, she said.

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