Outbreaks in NFL, other sports is no surprise

Published October 12, 2020


The Buffalo News also interviews John Sellick, professor of medicine in the Jacobs School, about professional football and the Tennessee Titans’ Covid-19 outbreak, which has forced the postponement of two games, including one against the Buffalo Bills. The situation is no surprise to Sellick, who tells the News, “We talk about this in the (infectious disease) world. In some ways, we're surprised it's gotten this far, and I realize we’re only four weeks into the NFL season.” He adds, “I think the NBA and the NHL have been successful because of the way they tried to bubble, and Major League Baseball had some bumps there early on, but I think they tightened things up a little bit, as well. And in all three of those sports, the size of the team is much smaller, and the number of coaches is much smaller, so you've got fewer people to go out and get in trouble.”

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