Responsible Conduct in Research, Intellectual and Creative Activity

The University at Buffalo is committed to maintaining high ethical standards in our research and other scholarly work.  The integrity of research conducted at UB is of paramount importance to the university as well as to the public and our research sponsors.  It is imperative that our faculty members adhere to rigorous standards of academic integrity, intellectual honesty, transparency and the highest ethical conduct in their work. Every faculty member has a responsibility to ensure that conclusions in technical reports or papers are unambiguous and supported by the presented data. It is the policy of UB to maintain high ethical standards in research and other scholarly work, prevent misconduct where possible and promptly and fairly evaluate and resolve any instance of alleged or apparent misconduct. 

In 2005, the federal government issued a revised version of regulations pertaining to research misconduct, 42 CFR Part 93. These federal regulations require that universities assume primary responsibility for the prevention, detection and investigation of research misconduct and take action to ensure the integrity of research, protection of the rights of research subjects and the public. Universities must also ensure the observance of legal requirements related to federal research funding. Individual agency regulations differ in wording and emphasis.

University policies establish standards of ethical behavior for all members of the university community and prescribe procedures for due process and discipline for deviation from those standards. UB's policy on Responsible Conduct in Research, Intellectual and Creative Activity deals with violations of a subset of these standards and applies to prohibited conduct in proposing, carrying out and reporting research.

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