Child Protection

Updated September 7, 2021

The University at Buffalo is committed to protecting the safety and well being of children who are on university premises, and/or who participate in university-related programs and activities, both on and off campus.  UB’s Child Protection Policy is consistent with all laws and regulations protecting the welfare of children.

UB’s Child Protection Policy is consistent with legal obligations pursuant to the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act, Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, New York State Social Services Law, New York State Education Law, New York State Penal Law, and other applicable laws and regulations protecting the welfare of children.  

Under the UB Child Protection Policy, all members of the university community – including students, staff, faculty, visitors, vendors and guests to campus – are required to comply with the “Conduct Requirements” section of the policy. In brief, individuals must conduct themselves appropriately while in the presence of children who are on campus and/or who participate in university-related programs, take reasonable measures to ensure their safety, and report instances or suspicion of inappropriate conduct or child abuse. People who have responsibility for programs that include children must meet basic standards of safety, supervision and care.

The Child Protection Policy includes a duty to report child abuse and inappropriate conduct. This duty extends to all UB employees. It also applies to UB students who interact with children as part of their work-related duties or academic program. For example, a nursing student who was participating in an academic program in a hospital setting would be mandated to report a classmate who was engaging in inappropriate conduct with a child in that same setting.

This policy also imposes a specific obligation upon any employee who authorizes the use of university facilities to non-UB groups that will include children. Examples of these groups include day care, sports camps, academic enrichment programs, and dance/theater groups. When granting authorization to visitors, the employee must ensure that the person receiving authorization is aware of the Child Protection Policy and obtain a completed Acknowledgement of UB’s Child Protection Requirements form.

The State University of New York (SUNY) issued its own separate Child Protection Policy in 2014. While many of the requirements of the SUNY policy are identical to UB’s policy, the SUNY Policy sets forth additional requirements for any program or activity where the custody, control, and supervision of children under seventeen years of age is entrusted to the University.  SUNY’s Child Protection Policy requires these programs and activities to conduct sex offender registry checks of individuals who will be working with children, notify them of SUNY’s policy and provide training on the policy.  UB notifies department heads of the requirements of the SUNY and UB Child Protection Policies on an annual basis

Individuals must report instances of inappropriate conduct to the responsible UB official under which the activity occurred. Persons who witness, receive a report of, or reasonably believe an instance of child abuse has occurred must immediately report such abuse to UB Police (645-2222) and the UB Office of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (645-2266). 

Individuals may report inappropriate conduct or child abuse anonymously. While due process considerations may limit the ability to investigate anonymous reports, the university will take appropriate action to ensure the safety of children in response to an anonymous report.

The university is committed to providing a safe environment for children; the maltreatment of children will not be tolerated.  

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