Erie Hack

Students working around a table at an Erie Hack competition.

Erie Hack is a data and engineering competition designed to find innovative solutions to Lake Erie's biggest challenges. 

About Erie Hack

Erie Hack is a competition that aims to bring coders, developers, researchers, water experts and creatives together to find new solutions to Lake Erie's challenges. Started in 2017, the program generated over 40 solutions to water challenges while engaging more than 100 partner organizations and attracting coverage from 150+ media outlets around the globe. 

The competition empowers collaborative teams from regions around Lake Erie to find innovative solutions to the lake's economic and environmental challenges, with $100,000 in prizes for the most creative and effective solutions. Teams are given a challenge statement derived from ideation sessions with NASA representatives and regional stakeholders, and tasked with creating digital tools, hardware innovations, and engineering solutions that help build the "Blue Economy." 

Participation and Eligibility

Erie Hack is open to high school students, college students, and professionals.

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Hadar Borden.

Hadar Borden

Program Director

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