Erie Hack


UB Students "hacked" solutions that our Great Lakes face. 

Students from around the Great Lakes developed solutions to a wide range of problems that these bodies of water face. From detecting algae blooms, to reusing zebra mussel shells in 3D printing, to easing the communication of water quality to consumers, creative and innovative students pitched their ideas at ErieHack in hopes of winning $100,000.

Erie Hack is a competition for people that love data and engineering. It brings together coders, developers, and water experts to tackle the problems that Lake Erie faces, and provides seed funding to develop solutions. This innovative competition for professionals and high school and college students helps to advance sustainable solutions for the blue economy. 

Each team was asked to develop solutions that address one of six challenge statements created for the competition:

  • Mitigate nutrient loading and its environmental impacts.
  • Reduce and remediate urban pollution.
  • Cultivate resilience in water infrastructure systems.
  • Manage aging water infrastructure systems.
  • Connect communities to the value of water.
  • Drive the creation of meaningful data.

The Blackstone LaunchPad and UB Sustainability outlined the event with funding from the Community Foundation of Greater Buffalo. Students competed from Detroit, Toledo, Cleveland, Buffalo and Windsor, Ontario. 

The ErieHack Experience

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