Center of Excellence in Materials Informatics (CMI) Faculty-Industry Applied Research Opportunities Grant

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Center of Excellence in Materials Informatics (CMI) awards matching grants to faculty members engaged in innovative materials-related research with an industry partner.

About Center of Excellence in Materials Informatics (CMI) Faculty-Industry Applied Research Opportunities Grant

Annually, the UB NYS Center for Materials Informatics (CMI) is able to provide funding through its UB Faculty-Industry Applied Research Opportunities Grant. The grants are made to UB faculty experts. The research encompasses opportunities for applied research that have commercial value to businesses in New York State. Faculty are nominated through the UB SEAS and CAS decanal units, the Department - MDI and the UB technology transfer office, typically in the April/May timeframe. The nominated faculty share their “intent to apply”. Proposals are accepted within two weeks. Downselect decisions and awards are made by the end of June. The award period is from July 1 – June 30. Grants range, traditionally, between $25K - $40K. The competitive process yields roughly 10 to over 40 proposals, with roughly 4-7 awards per year over the past five periods.

Ideally, these industry collaboration efforts should be in close collaboration with a New York State company that has shown substantial commitment to the work. While there is no formal cost-share requirement for this support, evidence of commitment from the company (e.g. current, recent, or promised financial support of the work) will weigh heavily in the decision process. The financial commitment will be weighted more heavily in future years, a direct result of the fact that the CMI funding is intended, by New York State, to support economic development. The metrics on which the CMI reports are economic-development related. Note that the CMI intentionally focuses on the materials informatics theme of the center. The CMI welcomes the opportunity to discuss how faculty and their industry partners might bring more of a materials informatics approach into their proposed project.

Participation and Eligibility

UB faculty are eligible for funding through the CMI. UB faculty must submit a brief proposal, accompanied by an industry letter of support.

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