Research Highlights

Publications in academic year 2022 - 2023

A Novel Lightweight Cable-Driven Integrated-Finger Robotic Hand for Dexterous Manipulation

Wei, XS; Xu, KY; Liu, WS; Mountain, E; Liang, X; Zheng, MH

2022 American Control Conference (ACC)

Published: November 9, 2022

Failure Modes of 3D-Printed Tessellated-Tile Beams

Crocker, GF; Dai, SD; Ross, BE; Kleiss, MC; Okumus, P; Elhami-Khorasani, N; Moore, S

Structures Congress 2022

Published: November 6, 2022

Machine Learning for Shear Strength of Reinforced Concrete Beams

Castillo, R; Okumus, P; Khorasani, NE; Chandola, V

ACI Structural Journal

Published: October 15, 2022

Vortex-induced vibration control of a flexible circular cylinder using a nonlinear energy sink

Zhang, MJ; Wu, T; Oiseth, O

Journal of Wind Engineering and Industrial Aerodynamics

Published: October 9, 2022

Investigating the Effects of Climate Change on Material Properties and Structural Performance

Orcesi, A; O'Connor, A; Bastidas-Arteaga, E; Stewart, MG; Imam, B; Kreislova, K; Schoefs, F; Markogiannaki, O;   Wu, T; Li, Y; Salman, A; Hawchar, L; Ryan, PC

Structural Engineering International

Published: September 25, 2022

Research grants and awards

  • Assistant professor Pinar Okumus received a National Science Foundation Award for Collaborative Research: Resilient Seismic Retrofit by Integrating Selective Weakening and Self-Centering. In this project, a new seismic retrofit method, integrating the concepts of selective weakening, hinged walls, and self-centering, will be investigated to achieve low seismic damage. Read More about her accomplishments here
  • Assistant professor Andreas Stavridis is the primary investigator on a project sponsored by the U.S. Department of the Interior and the U.S. Geological Survey.
  • Michel Bruneau, a professor in the Department of Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering received a grant from the Pankow Foundation to research R-Factors developed from FEMA P-695 studies for Coupled Composite Plate Shear Walls - Concrete Filled. Read More about the grant at this link
  • Pinar Okumus received a grant from FM Global and Business and Industry.
  • Professor Michel bruneau is a Co-PI on a project funded by the Pankow Foundation, and will produce research with the intnet of advancing the wind and seismic design of Concrete-Filled Composite Shear Walls. Read More about the funded project here
  • Assistant Professor Ravi Ranade received a grant from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.