The Institute of Bridge Engineering (IBE) is a UB research center aimed at educating new and mid-career professionals in bridge engineering. The IBE is committed to the advancement of sustainable bridge design, construction and preservation through research and education.

Graduate Program

women working on bridge curing competition in Alumni Arena.

Learn more about the Department of Civil Structural and Environmental Engineering's master's degree with a concentration in bridge engineering.

Latest News

An article on Metro reports Olli, the 3D-printed bus developed by Local Motors, is undergoing testing at UB that will inform policy on transportation issues, reliability and safety, and quotes Venu Govindaraju, vice president for research and economic development. “
Assistant professor Pinar Okumus led the Accelerated Bridge Construction (ABC) Technology Applied in Seismic Regions workshop at the 2018 International Bridge Conference in June, where she introduced experiments and analytical research conducted at UB.
An article on AccuWeather about how bridges in the U.S. are built to withstand threats from powerful winds, hurricanes and earthquakes interviews Andrew Whittaker, a professor in the Department of Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering and director of the Institute of Bridge Engineering and MCEER.

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