Funded PhD Opportunities

The Institute of Bridge Engineering (IBE) has several research opportunities available to civil engineering doctoral students interested in bridge engineering for the academic year 2022-2023. Interested students should contact the IBE faculty member associated with the posted project. 


Master's degree in civil engineering with a minimum undergraduate and graduate GPA of 3.5. Preference will be given to candidates with prior research experience. Candidates must possess a passion for research, sharp analytical skills and the ability to think independently. Domestic candidate and candidates from traditionally underrepresented populations are encouraged to apply. 

Open Positions

IBE faculty members have the following positions available for civil engineering doctoral students. Visit the link associated with each position to learn more. 

  • Performance-based Design and Assessment of Tunnel Structures under Fire
    Interdisciplinary research involving structural engineering, fire engineering, geotechnical engineering and concrete materials.
  • Advanced Concretes for Precast Concrete Applications
    Laboratory experiments and analytical work to develop fiber reinforced concretes with enhanced tensile strength and crack resistance.
  • Reinforced and Prestressed Concrete Bridge Structures
    Research on modular systems that can be rapidly constructed and repaired after extreme events, systems with replaceable components, self-centering capabilities, or strategically utilized advanced materials for resiliency or extended service life.
  • Performance-based Design and Assessment of Civil Infrastructure Systems Under Extreme Winds
    Interdisciplinary research on wind engineering, structural engineering, structural aerodynamics and engineering meteorology.
  • Robotics, Computer Vision, Sensors and Health Monitoring
    Research in one or more of the following: robotics and computer vision with applications to remanufacturing, infrastructure inspection, and building construction automation; and multi-objective optimization with applications to optimal sensor placement and performance-based structural design and/or network design.
  • Advanced Concrete Materials for Extreme Loadings
    Research topics include performance-based design and investigation of advanced concrete materials, including ultra-high performance concretes, strain-hardening cementitious composites; impact, blast and thermal effects on material and structural performance, and additional areas.
  • Performance-based Engineering of Precast Foundation Systems
    Interdisciplinary research including geotechnical and structural engineering, laboratory experiments and numerical simulations, and risk assessment, to support the deployment of precast foundation systems.
  • Human factors-related design and assessment, vulnerable road users
    Using virtual simulation methods and real-world observation methodologies, the successful candidate will evaluate vulnerable road user safety, behavior, stated preference and physiological feedback related to interactions with CAVs and ITS.