Fellowships & Scholarships

Winning a prestigious award commands respect and opens countless doors of opportunity. Coupled with the exceptional level of mentoring that is available to you at UB, your passion and individuality is what will set you apart from others and propel you to success. Here is how to find yourself in the company of winners.

External Funding Opportunities

Even students with internal awards or funding that requires a work commitment are strongly encouraged to apply for external awards. These awards free you up to do your own research and is an external recognition of your scholarly excellence and promise. 

In addition to the more prestigious national fellowships, there are numerous smaller awards and scholarships, many of which can be held in addition to funds received from other sources. There are several university fellowship databases that may also be of help in identifying fellowships and scholarships.

Internal Funding Opportunities

Internal awards are scholarships, awards and prizes offered by an academic department, college or university. The University at Buffalo offers institutional and philanthropic scholarships to hundreds of students every year. Featured fellowships include:

Find Other Awards

There are thousands of university, national and international-level awards available to fund your education. Check with your department or program to explore options specific to your degree. For more information about an award or to search for additional awards, visit the Office of Fellowships and Scholarships.

UB Scholarship Portal

Find and apply for multiple opportunities at UB with one annual application in the UB Scholarship Portal.