Stand Out in Interviews

We understand that prepping for the big day can be stressful. Let us help you prepare, practice and land that dream job.

Tips & Tricks Interview Questions The STAR Method

Prepping for the Interview

Do your research.

Gather background information about the company. Start with the “About” section of the employer’s website and/or on Bullseye powered by Handshake. Then incorporate what you’ve found into your responses.

Review the job.

Review the responsibilities and make sure you can match your experiences and skills to what's required.

Tailor your resume to reflect the position description.

Know your resume.

Be prepared to discuss experiences and projects that are on your resume. It's a great idea to book an appointment to get your resume or CV reviewed by a career expert.

Prepare questions.

Think of possible questions that might be asked and write your responses on an index card.

Practice your interview.

Practice makes perfect! Practice your responses out loud with a career expert during a practice interview or create a practice interview session in Big Interview.

Dress to impress.

When it comes to dressing for an interview, think trendy, but conservative. Wear a suit coat, dress, shirt and pants or skirt that is clean, wrinkle-free and fits properly.

At the Interview

Have good body language.

Smile, have a firm handshake, sit up straight, make eye contact and nod your head to show that you're listening. These are top ways to keep the interviewers loving you. 

Answer the question.

Make your answers accurate, brief and as interesting as possible. Try to stay on topic.

Include specifics.

Focus on your role/part in the situation and specifically what action steps you took.

Show your interest.

"Do you have any questions for us?" This is your opportunity to show how interested you are in the position.

Inquire about next steps.

Find out what their next steps are in the interviewing process and when they might occur.

Express thanks.

Thank the interviewer for their time and interest in you. Also, thank anyone else who helped you on the way out.

After the Interview

Sending a hand-written thank you note or an email after the interview is a great way to remind the employer who you are. You can also share skills and experiences that you weren't able to discuss during the interview. Ideally, you'd want to send your thank you note within 24 to 48 hours after your interview.