Understanding undernutrition and stunting in Malawi

Korinne and Jennifer next to a wound care site.

In Malawi, a landlocked country in southeast Africa, 70% of children are stunted. They suffer impaired growth and development from poor nutrition, repeated infection, and inadequate psychosocial stimulation. 

In partnership with Naturally Africa Volunteers and Dr. Laura Wilson, Andrew Claffey, Jennifer George, and Korinne Thorne aimed to understand the multifaceted factors contributing to undernutrition in Malawi. They developed a needs assessment to better understand community priorities around nutrition, food security, sanitation, access to medical care, and likelihood of seeking treatment. The needs assesssment was shared with the Department of Health in Malawi for their input and approval. Focus groups and door to door surveys helped the team to understanding prevalent health issues and cultural aspects of health, nutrition, and agriculture. 

Written by Jessica Scates

  • Students
    Andrew Claffey, Jennifer George, and Korinne Thorne (Medicine)
  • Faculty Mentor
    David Holmes (Family Medicine)
  • Country of Travel
  • Dates of Travel
    July 2018

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