Meet Our Scholars: Sean Kaczmarek

[Speaker: Sean Kaczmarek] Before my generation in my family, no one had gone to college. Here I am like I'm going to the UK for free for grad school for two years on this scholarship that 30 other people got. The other scholars at this point are just some of my best friends. To be around this environment where no matter where you're from, whether you went to this liberal arts college, a state school, or an Ivy, you were chosen for this leadership quality. And you're all around each other like trying to benefit off of each other, trying to grow with each other. This year going in and teaching is going to be a new challenge and every day is going to be something new and I'm not going to come in there knowing nearly as much as I'm going to by the end of the year. And so going and living in a different country for two years that does give me more confidence, that at the minimum, at the end of the day it's going to be okay. As long as I go in and do what I can do, it's going to be OK.