Meet Our Scholars: Kayleigh Hamernik

[Speaker: Kayleigh Hamernik] I think sustainability is the most important thing to be thinking about right now. And everybody can incorporate sustainability into anything they're doing. So some of the most meaningful parts of my time at UB have been meeting these professors who have just changed my view on how we can approach sustainability, how we can implement sustainable action. They've taught me that I can do things that I didn't know that I could do. There are so many different active groups on campus. We're all educated, we're all excited, we're all ready to make a difference and the things that sustainability groups are doing on campus, they are making a difference. My focus has become geared towards sustainability in South Asia, so I saw the Fulbright as the next step for me. The Fulbright offers more language tutoring and also the opportunity to conduct my own research in something that I care about. I've grown so much at UB. UB has been a community for me to understand my goals and my passions and to actually work towards them.