Meet Our Scholars: Izzy Starr

[Speaker: Izzy Starr] I was really interested in pursuing anthropology in undergrad. And so after doing that I discovered that Indiana Jones is kind of the bad guy. And that I wanted to be more of a hero. So I just decided to find my own path through research that could help people, was culturally relevant, allowed me to travel, allowed me to discover things. I have been awarded the Ada Lovelace Fellowship. It is an award for second year PhD students from minority backgrounds. Being a disabled, transgender researcher, it was excellent to be able to even be invited to Microsoft and meet the nine other people who were in the running for this very prestigious award. And it's just like the coolest research being done by people of color and queer people and disabled people and it's just like this really, really great group of people who are my friends now, who are not only doing brilliant research but are doing brilliant activism work in academia and in STEM fields. That means the world to me and I am so thankful to be a part of that group.