Major Transitions

Finding your best fit begins here.

Students walking outside on the academic spine on the North Campus.

If you are about to transition majors, know that you are not alone! Approximately 75 to 85 percent of undergraduate students change their major at least one time before graduation. If you recently received notification that you did not get accepted to your major or you have been dismissed from your current major or program, read on to learn about your next steps.

Next Steps

If you are still uncertain about your major, schedule an advising appointment with the Exploratory and Pre-Professional Advising Center (EPAC) at 716-645-6013. An EPAC advisor can help you explore related majors and other academic options that best meet your interests, skills and abilities.

6 Things to do Before Deciding Your Major

  1. Explore your interests and how they connect to a major and career with Focus 2.
  2. Challenge yourself to think big about what problems you want to solve by using the Digital Challenge Cards.
  3. Talk with UB alums who had majors that interest you when booking a consultation in the Career Connector Network.
  4. Access the Roadtrip Nation self-exploration course to explore your interests.
  5. Get inspiration, resources and tools to help you design your life in the Career Design Studio.
  6. Ask Virtual Vic, your 24/7 virtual assistant, all your major/career questions.