Dyadic Influence Processes among Heavy Drinking Couples

This Mentored Research Scientist Award entails structured training and research activities that will enable the awardee to examine the nature, use, and relative effectiveness of the full range of social control (i.e., influence, regulation) strategies used among romantic partners aimed at reducing high-risk drinking behavior.

This award entails a three-phase project using samples of heavy drinking adults in committed, romantic relationships. A comprehensive measure of social control strategies will be adapted from existing measures and prior qualitative research, supplemented with items derived from focus groups and validated using online survey methodology. Finally, the use and relative effectiveness of overt and covert social control strategies among romantic partners will be prospectively examined as they naturally unfold using daily diary methods.

Principal Investigators
Jennifer Fillo, PhD
Clinical and Research Institute on Addictions

Funding Agency
National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA)

Grant Number