Factors Associated with R.N. Decisions to Work

Brewer | Frone

This Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) award to Principal Investigator Carol Brewer, associate professor in the UB School of Nursing was a collaborative effort with Co-investigators Christine Kovner, School of Nursing, New York University, and Michael Frone, RIA senior research scientist and associate professor in the Department of Psychology. The three-year study examined the relationships of R.N. characteristics, work setting, and labor market regions to R.N. job satisfaction and organizational commitment as well as intention to work and actual work participation. Understanding why R.N.s work, work part-time, or do not work may be useful to government and the private sector in developing reforms that may modify workforce participation and help abate the cycles of shortages which occur regularly. The researchers expanded tools that can be used to examine work behavior of the R.N. population and possibly help in the development of relevant policy. Funded by AHRQ, 2003-2005.