Development of a Telephone-Based Clinical Skills Assessment Tool

This project proposed to develop a telephone-based, role-playing tool to assess the clinical skills practitioners learn in a variety of training settings.

Role play is an important method by which clinicians can practice a clinical intervention, receive feedback, and monitor application of that feedback to their clinical practice. When clinical training is offered online, by distance learning, or asynchronously, there are enormous challenges to conducting role plays or similar unrehearsed assessments of clinical skill. This project proposed to develop an alternate form of the telephone-based clinical skill assessment tool (T-CAT) and conduct a psychometric evaluation to examine the generalizability, alternate form reliability, and construct validity of the T-CAT. This approach has promise as a method to allow for improved clinical skill assessment for a variety of training methods in the alcohol and drug abuse treatment fields. 

Principal Investigator
Christopher Barrick, PhD
Research Institute on Addictions

Neil McGillicuddy, PhD
Research Institute on Addictions

Funding Agency
National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA)

Grant Number