Our Staff

Advising Staff

Jessica DiPasquale.

Jessica DiPasquale

Senior Academic Advisor
Coordinator, New Student Services
Caseload: B-C Exploratory, Exploratory Transitions Q-V  
Email: jgorski3@buffalo.edu

Lia Hallett.

Lia Hallett

Senior Academic Advisor
Caseload: A-P Exploratory Transitions
Email: hallettl@buffalo.edu

Diane McMahon.

Diane McMahon

Senior Academic Advisor
Caseload: J, R-X
Email: kincaid@buffalo.edu

Amanda Sauter.

Amanda Sauter

Senior Academic Advisor
Caseload: A, G
Email: alp25@buffalo.edu

Jerry Godwin.

Jerry Godwin

Senior Academic Advisor
Caseload: I, L-Q, Z
Email: godwin@buffalo.edu

Carl Lam.

Carl Lam

Academic Advisor
Prehealth Committee Coordinator
Caseload: E, H, Y and W-Z Exploratory Transitions
Email: carllam@buffalo.edu

Amber Packard.

Amber Packard

Senior Academic Advisor
Caseload: D, F, K
Email: apackard@buffalo.edu

Administrative Staff

Jacqueline Hollins.

Jacqueline Hollins

Associate Vice Provost and Director, Academic Success Initiatives
Email: jhollins@buffalo.edu

Lisa Tuyn.

Lisa H. Tuyn

Senior Associate Director/Coordinator of Academic Advisement Services
Email: lhackett@buffalo.edu

Libby Morsheimer.

Libby Morsheimer

Interim Director, Exploratory and Pre-Professional Advising Center & Director, Pre-Professional Health Advising
Email: etm3@buffalo.edu