Raj Sharman

Photo of Raj Sharman.

Raj Sharman's research is focused on extreme events from a decision-support system perspective and on health information technology-related issues.

This includes factors influencing online health information search, meaningful use of ambulatory EMR, resilience in hospital information systems, health information exchanges, health care social networks as well as a simulation-based study for managing the hospital's emergency room capacity in extreme events, active shooter incidents and mass casualty event management.

His expertise also includes information systems infrastructure management as it relates to information assurance, internet performance and distributed computing. Sharman's papers have been published in a number of national and international journals, and he is the recipient of several grants from the university as well as external agencies, including the National Science Foundation.

He serves as an associate editor for the following journals: Journal of Information Systems Security, Journal of Information Privacy and Security, and Springer Security Informatics Journal.