Mark Frank

Photo of Mark Frank.

Mark Frank specializes in nonverbal communication, with a focus on understanding the complexities of facial expressions and deception in meaningful real world settings.

Frank is an internationally recognized expert on human nonverbal communication, emotion, and deception. Dr. Frank conducts research and does training on micro expressions of emotion and of the face. His research studies include other nonverbal indicators of deception throughout the rest of the body. He is the Director of the Communication Science Center research laboratory. Frank uses his expertise in communication and psychology to assist law enforcement agencies in monitoring both verbal and nonverbal communication.

Frank has published numerous research papers and articles on facial expressions, emotion, and interpersonal deception with titles including "Facing Facts: Not all lies are created equal" and "Research methods in detecting deception research." Much of this work was funded by The National Science Foundation, Homeland Security, and the Department of Defense.

Select Related Publications

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