Philosophy Course Poster Design Contest


The Department of Philosophy is pleased to announce a graphic design contest for UB undergraduate students to create an original poster to advertise one of our selected courses. The top prize is a UB 2021-22 tuition waiver valued at $5,000. The contest is open to all UB Undergraduate students currently enrolled in any program. All undergraduate students at UB are invited to enter the poster design contest. 

Contest Notes, Design Specifications, Submission Requirements

GENERAL NOTES (subject to change)


—Eligibility: You must be currently enrolled as an undergraduate students at UB.

—Each entry must be specific to only one course. You can enter any number of designs for any number of courses (one design/one course/one entry);

—First prize: A UB tuition waiver valued at $ 5,000. will be awarded to the winning entry. The non-transferable tuition waiver must be used in the 2021-2022 academic year. The tuition waiver can be used only by the winning student, and can be redeemed for any academic program for UB undergraduates.

—(Five) Second prizes: Apple I-pads​ will be awarded for each of five Second Place place prizes.

—Submissions must be the original work of the student-entrant, with copyright clearances and documentation provided for each entry. 

—All contest entries become the sole property of the UB Department of Philosophy.

—Judging criteria and awards are determined by the Philosophy Department's faculty-judges.

—For further information contact Donna Smith, Undergraduate Administrator,


DESIGN SPECIFICATIONS (subject to change)

—Image size: adaptable, up to 20"x24".

—Print orientation: adaptable for either portrait or landscape.

—File formats to be submitted may include the original design program file, plus a high resolution tif; you may also include pdf, jpeg, png, gif (Mac Pages are not acceptable).

—Submissions must be original work, as submitted by the UB student, with copyright clearance and further documentation provided for each entry that makes it to the 2nd-round of the contest. 

—Each entry must be specific to (only) one course in the UB Philosophy Department. You can choose from the selected PHI courses: 

  • PHI 101 Introduction to Philosophy;
  • PHI 105 Contemporary Moral Problems;
  • PHI 107 Introduction to Ethics; 
  • PHI 115 Critical Thinking; 
  • PHI 162 Law, Morality, Authority; 
  • PHI 215 Symbolic Logic; 
  • PHI 217 Professional Ethics; 
  • PHI 234 Environmental Ethics; 
  • PHI 237 Medical Ethics: Social & Ethical Values in Medicine; 
  • PHI 248 Philosophy and Popular Culture; 
  • PHI 252 Eastern Philosophy; 
  • PHI 320 Philosophy of Mind; 
  • PHI 321 Philosophy of Science; 
  • PHI 342 Political Philosophy;
  • PHI 345 Aesthetics and the Philosophy of Art; 
  • PHI 376 Buddhist Philosophy.

—Your design must NOT include dates, year or semester, or the UB logo.

—Your design may be a new graphic icon the course, if applicable.

ONLINE SUBMISSION (subject to change)

—DEADLINE: DECEMBER 31, 2020, is the deadline for all submissions.

—ATTACH FILES FOR EACH ENTRY: attach your original, design file in whichever format is native to the design program you are using (such as PhotoShop, Illustrator, Gimp, InDesign, etc, etc). Ideally, you will submit a high resolution tif, but for the initial contest round we accept basic files formats such as pdf, jpeg, png, or gif (Mac Pages are not acceptable).

—Submissions must be the original work of the UB students, with copyright clearances and documentation provided for each entry. You can include this information in the entry-email or attach the documentation as an entry-info-pdf.

—On or before December 31, 2020, submit your entry, with original files, via email, to Donna Smith, Undergraduate Administrator,


For further information contact Donna Smith, Undergraduate Administrator,