Mahdi Rahman wins the 2022 Summer Math Scholarship

Mahdi Rahman , UB Summer Math Scholarship Recipient, 2022.

Mahdi Rahman, UB Summer Math Scholarship Recipient, 2022, is presented the award by faculty mentor, Dr. James Faran.

The UB Department of Mathematics is pleased to announce that Mahdi Rahman is the recipient of the 2022 Summer Math Scholarship. Under the guidance faculty mentor, Dr. James Faran, Mahdi designed a special Undergraduate Research project that involved studying methods of voting, for a situation when more than one winner is to be selected, and, the criteria determining when two a priori different voting methods reliably produce identical results.

Our undergraduate research award, established in 2017, is a result of a scholarship endowment by The Summer Math Foundation, Inc. of Amherst, New York. The endowment supports a six-week, full-time summer program for the selected undergraduate student to work with a UB Mathematics faculty mentor, and includes a $3,800 stipend.