Communication Science Center

MISSION: The Center supports research and scholarly activity in the Communication Department, including basic research, policy analysis, system design, and scholarly exchange.

Mark Frank stands with camera.

Dr. Mark Frank, Director, Communication Science Center

The Communication Science Center is one of the University at Buffalo’s newest research sites. The CSC, located in the first floor of the Fargo Complex, was formed in September of 2005 as part of the Department of Communication. The CSC focuses on the use of quantitative research methods to further understanding of emotions and nonverbal behaviors with a goal to provide the knowledge that enhances the quality of our communication in a variety of areas including legal, marketing, health care, law enforcement communities. The Center is currently conducting research into deception detection using nonverbal and physiological cues. These studies are the natural culmination of nearly 20 years of research into deception and nonverbal behavior conducted by Dr. Mark Frank. 

The CSC is unique in the fact that much of the research conducted is of a highly relevant, real world nature. For example, by working with local and federal law enforcement agencies the CSC is striving to improve law enforcement techniques from police stations, to airports, and customs. The CSC has an extensive network of global partners working toward a common goal: Helping to improve law enforcement techniques through science, and ending the use of outdated, ineffective, and outright incorrect methods in practice today.  

Contact Information

Dr. Mark Frank, Director
101 Fargo Quad
Buffalo, NY 14261
Phone: (716) 645-6401
Fax: (716) 645-6742